Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Mother’s Blessing for her Daughter –Happy Easter Rikki Dombrowski

Happy Easter baby girl - I love you always and forever!! – Mom




Blessing of Love from Mother for Daughter


May heartache and sadness never be known,

Love alone in your heart be all that's sown.

May all your tears be but yet love and joy,

Your heart be a shield against any evil employ.


May good fortune meet you, always rehearse,

A coin or good fare well in store as your purse.

Content be your fate, as prosperity and peace,

Bring gladness and joy without end or cease.


May your eyes ever shine bright glow with love,

Angels shelter you from behind and also above.

To left and right may angels walk at your side,

Match every step guide yet each every stride.


The Sun greet you daily amid warming smiles,

As you venture life regardless it's countless miles.

Well being in life greet you, yet ever keep right,

Each footstep you make with discerning insight.


Simply because mankind we all would do well,

When wishing a Daughter as these my words tell.

That love, freely gave, as love from Mothers heart,

Is far greater than war, with so much yet to impart.


by Christopher Robin

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