Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Family Court: Consequences

This video is a compilation of three key murder suicides that were publicized outside of the Family Court. It highlights how protective parents had forewarned the Family Court, but the Family Court failed to protect them. There are many more that do not reach such a profile and this video is dedicated to the voices that cannot speak.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

KS Judges Give Abusers their own children to KILL (severing the protective parents contact –usually mom in Abuse noted Court Cases)

  • Step-Mom Charged In Death of Toddler

    The mother of two year old Daytona Robertson had 50/50 Custody and filed motion to protect Daytona because someone was abusing her!

     There was no evidence to indicate the mother was abusing Daytona, but  Judge Tony Powell terminated Daytona's time with her mother and placed her solely with her dad and step-mom.

       Daytona died in dad's home a couple weeks later due to new abuse. 

    The one thing that the Judges here care about more than the children, is covering for their error even though Kansas Statutes have provisions for Custody changes if the children are suffering due to a Judge's Custody error.

    After Tony Powell made his Custody Ruling and placed Daytona solely in dad's home and Daytona was killed a couple weeks later in dad's home, the Wichita Eagle then came out with a story quoting Judge Tony Powell as saying

    “...that he did not believe he made a custody error and other Judge's told him that they would have done the same.  That needs to change and I have no intention of being a coward or going away unless they illegally put me in jail again.  Yes I can show it was illegal. “

    How can any person or God be so blind as to claim they did not make a custody error when there was no evidence against the mother and then the little girl ends up dead.

    In a late 2008 hearing Judge Powell was informed my children's mother has been reported to SRS for the fifth time by the WPD and Mandated Reporters at two or three different schools (what rightly concerned parent would not point this out to a Professional like Judge Powell that is supposed to be concerned about children?!).

    The children's mother also got fired from Kinder-Care after being warned about her behaviors around other people's children!

    Then Judge Powell stated in Court that these people (all these Mandated Reporters) might simply be people that dislike the children's mother, and the Court fabricated a reason to cut the children off from me because

    when  “ the Court is wrong, it pushes in the direction of a greater wrong!”

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